New Uniforms In Stock!

We now have a new team uniform! Introducing Absolute Luxury, LLC Cleaning Tech shirts. We decided to go with 2 colorways. Green and grey or black. The shirts came out amazing in our opinion and establish a professional and uniform look for our team. For Absolute Luxury, LLC this is another long awaited step in the right direction. Our team can now feel like they are apart of something together. It also adds a security aspect in the fact that team members will be easier to identify when entering clients property. After a tough negotiation with the board we have finally picked our design and supplier. Now we present our team uniforms. They look pretty cool huh? Do you want your own? Click the button below.

Team Meetings Are A Go!

In a move that underscores its commitment to superior service and fostering meaningful employee relationships, Absolute Luxury, LLC, a leading provider of luxury cleaning services, has proudly announced the opening of its brand-new conference room. This addition to the company's headquarters is poised to revolutionize internal collaboration and elevate the experience for valued Employees. As Absolute Luxury, LLC continues to expand its presence in the luxury cleaning industry, the unveiling of its new conference room marks a significant milestone in the company's evolution. This gives us the opportunity to train and develop new team members, using modern business strategy, to prepare future employees and help educate them on how to best serve clients. This marks a long awaited milestone for Absolute Luxury, LLC as it will contribute to the systemizing the company and keeping our process more uniform. Thank you to all of the members over the years who have helped us reach this goal.

We Are AHCA Certified!

We have obtained Certification from AHCA! Absolute Luxury, LLC  wants to give our team a sense of pride and understanding about the great responsibility of cleaning. We have used this resource in our cleaning business and highly recommend them as a resource to all cleaners. Our training never stops. We care for our clients, our employees, and the industry as a whole. We want to learn and grow for the betterment of everyone involved with Absolute Luxury, LLC. We proudly present our certification from AHCA as a Professional Cleaning Provider. We stand behind their beliefs and feel that their core values align with ours. I encourage you to visit their website to obtain a better understanding of the cleaning industry and to see the great benefit AHCA provides to us all. Visit their website Here.

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Have you noticed the new look? We are Going Green! We have decided to move foward with eco friendly products and have reflected that with the new look from our social media. Check out some of our posts below Be Sure to follow us on our socials we will be producing fresh content. Please consider giving us a like, following, sharing, commenting, and subscribing to our socials and  support our growth. Your participation means a lot! 

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