Cleaning Leaders,

We're Jumping Up & Down Right Now...

We have been working behind the scenes for the last few months negotiating on behalf of the AHCA & our community - for the best products, systems, discounts, & benefits we can find for all of us.

Today, we closed a deal with CareClix, a Telehealth service provider, for telemedicine benefits for our community.



Soon, thousands of us, our family members, and employees and their families, will be able to see a Primary Care Provider, or a Specialist, from the convenience & safety of our own homes.


AHCA cost will be $9.95/mo per enrollee.

YES - that means that for a solo cleaner, you have access to Medical Doctors & Practitioners, Behavior Health Providers, & Specialty Care Providers for $9.95/month with ZERO copays on all non-specialty appointments!

YES - that means that as an employer, you are now able to offer TeleMedicine benefits to your employees through our AHCA group telemedicine plan!

YES - that means that you have time to get your staff members
enrolled for Christmas!

YEP, your cleaning business just leveled up again.

Think about what this means for your employee...

No more missing out on hours & paying at work to go to the doctor's office.

They can see the doctor from the comfort of their own home, the office, or anywhere
- from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

No more waiting rooms with sticky disinfectant all over the chairs wearing masks.

No more child care challenges or need to drag the kids along to doctor appointments.

No more copays.

Your employees aren't the only ones that are winning big here.

Your company is winning big!!

Adding employment benefits that #LevelUp your staff certainly helps build a strong, professional cleaning team.

AHCA telemedicine family plans are available for you and your staff members for $14.95/mo (max 4 members) and $2/mo per additional member with NO COPAYS!

So for our family of 11, we will be paying $28.95/month with zero copays.

We've owned HANDMAID® CLEANING for 9 years and have wanted to provide benefits like this for
our employees since day one.

Now, through our AHCA community, we're finally able to!

Melissa Moritz from CareClix will be #Live in our HANDMAID® Cleaning Community Facebook group on 
Thursday, December 17th at 8:00 PM EST to give us a presentation on the program & answer our questions.

Write down any questions you have for Melissa to answer next week.

Congratulations AHCA family!

🌲 Merry Christmas,

Kevin & Grace Reynolds

P.S. Have you registered for our 2020 AHCA Secret Santa Giftapalooza?
Whoever we get as our SS this year is going to be happy!
I hope to see your name on the list tonight! Sign up here.

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