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Absolute Luxury, LLC Facility Services provides a variety of commercial cleaning services to the highest quality standards. We can fit the needs of any business.

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Commercial Cleaning

  • Daily Cleaning
  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning
  • Three Times Per Week
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • Quarterly Cleaning
  • One Time Deep Cleans
  • Commercial Deep Cleaning
  • We charge $50 per hour, per person for your initial deep clean. Or, we charge per square foot based on the service agreement and/or scope of work.
  • All scopes of work are contractually binding.
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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Property - Detailed Cleaning

Commercial Property - Mold & Mildew Removal

Recurring Service

We at Absolute Luxury, LLC caters to all types of cleaning including residential and commercial cleaning. We typically like to do a walk-through with our customers before the date of service to assess the property, and we typically recommend a deep initial clean to maintain the level of cleanliness moving forward. We charge an hourly rate per person for an initial deep cleaning. Give us a call for a free quote. We love to hear from you!